We kick things off with a stunning vintage 1:1 super clone Rolex Explorer (ref. 6610) from 1957. This particular reference only saw a four-year production run in the mid-/late 1950s before the more popular 1016 took its place. With a 36mm Oyster case, it remains ever-wearable, even today. Though it shows signs of wear, the patina only adds to the charm of a tool copy watch that has experienced a life well lived.

This luxury replica Rolex UK also features a very desirable “gilt” dial. This term refers to the galvanic plating process used to create the dial’s golden numerals and black coating, as Thomas explained here. The iconic “3-6-9” numerals on the dial, executed in radium lume, are preserved surprisingly well. They have taken on a beautiful warm tone and now match the dial text and golden Mercedes hands beautifully.

This particular perfect replica Rolex UK is on offer through our friends over at Amsterdam Vintage Watches and will set you back €21,500. It’s the most expensive on the list today, but for good reason. Due to the short production time, these 6610 Explorers are pretty rare. That, coupled with how long ago these were produced, means that they don’t come up for sale in decent condition very often. The Swiss movement super clone Rolex here has some patina on the dial. This is likely due to the radioactive material used in the lume, which has taken its toll on the black paint, giving it a faded appearance. Whether or not you’re in the market for one of these, it’s certainly worth a closer look.