Todeay’s model is the new Omega Speedmaster super clone watches site 2021. Aside from the new 43mm case size and new movement (the hand-wound caliber 9908), it also brings a new dial design to the table. One with two additional scales to the existing tachymeter scale.

Did you know that the best 1:1 super clone Omega Speedmaster was the first watch to have a tachymeter scale on a bezel? Before its release, watches with a tachymeter scale had it printed on the dial. In 1957, Omega decided to come up with three new watch models for professional use: the Railmaster for scientists and engineers who worked in an environment with magnetic fields, the Seamaster 300 for divers, and the luxury fake Omega Speedmaster for sportspeople (and scientists) who needed to time events or tasks.

Swiss Fake Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope
With the tachymeter bezel, the AAA quality super clone Omega Speedmaster enables the wearer to measure the average speed over a mile (or kilometer) by using the chronograph. Since you will measure the duration over one mile or kilometer, the average speed is also calculated in that specific unit. Next to the rail track, for example, you will often see these poles to mark every kilometer. Start the chronograph when you’re next to the pole, and stop it when you’re passing the next one. You’ve now measured exactly one kilometer, the chronograph second hand will point to a number on the tachymeter scale.

Let’s say it took the train 17 seconds to measure one kilometer, the average speed has been 300 kilometers per hour. And yes, the scale will also work in miles per hour, as measuring the time it will take to travel one mile, will just take longer, so the chronograph second hand will indicate a later point on the tachymeter scale. I was surprised to see that this caused some questions during the presentation of the new replica watches for men, but apparently, not everyone is aware of how a tachymeter scale works.

Anyway, the tachymeter scale has been part of the Speedmaster since 1957. Some high quality super clone Omega Speedmasters were also delivered with a telemeter scale or pulsations scale. In that regard, these scales aren’t new to the Speedmaster, but the way they are presented on the new Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope replica for sale is.

Watch Specifications can be deceiving
Truth to be told, I had to get used to the new UK fake Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope Paypal. The new case size of 43mm is no problem, I can also wear the 44.25mm Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon or the previous steel Speedmaster Co-Axial with caliber 9300 (also 44.25mm). 43mm is a bit more on the side of the perfect copy Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with a diameter of 42mm that we all feel comfortable with. Not only does the new cheap super clone Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope wear a little bit larger, but it’s also a bit thinner than the trusty old 42mm Moonwatch — 12.8mm versus 13.58mm.

But, I also have to underline that I am not a sucker for specifications. They can be very deceiving, as my PloProf but also my 32.5mm Constellation Manhattan (yes, a gents model) subtly points out to those who want to give them a try. Very often, I still think you need to try a Swiss movement fake Omega before you buy one and don’t go blind on a chart with specifications. The real-world behavior of any watch’s shape, weight, and dimensions aren’t always reflected accurately by a table below an article.