When it comes to sports chronographs there is none other that is as soaked in lore as the super clone Omega Speedmaster. The watch was created for the expressed needs of auto-racing and featured a tachymeter — a scale that combined with the chronograph’s sweep seconds hand could give you your average speed over fixed distance. This bold, modern scale was printed on the watch’s bezel making it the first contemporary timepiece with this feature and forged the genetic blueprint for all sport chronographs from this point on.
But it was the Speedmaster’s association with NASA and its status as official equipment to astronauts and the first and only watch on the moon that allowed it to transcend its status from a mere timepiece to a cultural icon, inextricably interwoven into the very fabric of space conquest.

The first Speedmaster that went unofficially into space, as the personal watch of Mercury astronaut Wally Schirra, on October 3rd 1962, was the black dial Omega Speedmaster CK2998 replica watches. This was a full three years before NASA officially went through the rigors of certifying the Speedmaster “Flight Qualified for all Manned Space Missions.”
Collecting The Omega Speedmaster
Reality Check No. 1: The OMEGAMANIA auction took place 13 years ago. While we can attribute Omega’s vertical trajectory in desirability as dating from that memorable April 2007 auction, sustaining it over a decade-plus showed the brand to possess every virtue that makes vintage timepieces desirable, with irresistible appeal beyond the ephemeral exhilaration of that sale. Quality, style, enviable heritage — throw in the unique selling point of going to the Moon, and it’s no mystery why the aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster chronograph is one of the hottest properties in the vintage watchdom.

Reality Check No. 2: “Limited editions” — “Commemoratives” — “Anniversary Models”: These are klaxons that declare said models are intended from the outset to attract collectors rather than civilians less concerned with exclusivity. They also warn that such pieces of deliberately finite production will one day be auction-bound.

Below, we have selected a few Speedmasters for our readers that we find highly attractive and would be great additions to any watch collection. The best part is that through our partnership with pre-owned expert Watchfinder, they are all currently available to purchase on our online shop!
2019 replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Dark Side Of The Moon” Apollo 8

Of all the various Dark Side case Speedmasters, perhaps, the most impressive was the black ceramic case replica Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8 ref. 311. This model created for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8 mission, featured the Dark Side 44.25 ceramic case, a racing style seconds track, a sapphire dial and an incredible Calibre 1861 that had all its