In the article where I covered the best Breitling super clone watches from the 1950s, I picked the luxury fake Breitling ref. 765 AVI as one of the most remarkable models of that decade. But the legacy of the ref. 765 goes on to well in the 1960s with several iconic models. One of the most famous is, without a doubt, the top Swiss fake Breitling 765 AVI reverse-panda was seen worn by Raquel Welch in Fathom movie from 1967. While this could also be on this list as one of the most remarkable, my choice is the Breitling ref. 765 CP “Jean-Claude Killy.”

Compared to the original ref. 765 AVI, the name changed from AVI to CP (Co-Pilot), and the design was seriously updated over time. The perfect fake watches got the nickname because it was seen on Jean-Claude Killy’s wrist in 1968 at the Grenoble Winter Olympics. A remarkable fact because we all know Killy as a Rolex man. His name is nowadays mostly associated with the Rolex Dato-Compax. But as Mike explained in his article about the steel case copy Breitling ref. 765 CP “Jean-Claude Killy,” the Grenoble Winter Olympics took place before Killy became part of the famous Geneva Crown team.
Cool and quirky
The best quality fake Breitling ref. 765 CP “Jean-Claude Killy” was produced from 1965-1967, and the 765 CP replaced the 765 AVI. It was the first time that Breitling used an anodized aluminum inlay bezel instead of the polished stainless steel bezel of previous generations. The watch is very much up to date with today’s standards when it comes to its dimensions. With a 41.5mm diameter case, 47mm lug to lug, a 22mm lug width, and a thickness of 14mm, this is still a watch that fits today’s standards.

The cheap replica watch was powered by the column wheel Venus 178 that also powered the Top Time ref. 810 I discussed earlier. Breitling modified the movement, however, to keep the quirky feature of the ref. 765. At the 3 o’clock position, the watch has a 15-minute register. As I explained in the article about Breitling super clone watches online from the fifties, the story goes that this special 15-minute counter was intended for pilots to keep track of the 15 minutes needed for warming up the plane’s engine and doing the necessary technical checks before taking off. While it’s a quirky little detail, this ref. 765 still looks incredibly cool.

Buying an aaa quality fake Breitling ref. 765 CP “Jean-Claude Killy” is not a cheap adventure. As the AAA super clone watches were only made for two years, there aren’t that many around. So you have to be patient and have rather deep pockets. Finding one under 10K is already a challenge, and more often, they fetch somewhere between 10-15K, which is a lot of money. But it also buys you a lot of cool.