At 8:30 AM last Wednesday (Geneva time), when everyone stateside was tucked into their beds, the entire set of new luxury super clone Rolex novelties hit the internet. We immediately turned our focus to a certain left-sided crown GMT-Master II with a green and black bezel, and the new Air-King with crown guards and professional case. But those weren’t the only releases from The Crown this year. In fact, when our team visited the Rolex booth (I really need to stop calling these things booths) at Watches & Wonders, one collection took us all by surprise: The perfect super clone Rolex Yacht-Master.

Now, I don’t have a complete understanding of the personal lives of my colleagues, but I think it’s fair for me to say that not one of us is a competitive yachts-person and yet nearly every one of us was jazzed to handle the new 42mm 1:1 replica Rolex Yacht-Master in yellow gold on the Oysterflex bracelet. Yellow gold has a tendency to do that.

In fact, this is one of the reasons I am so happy that trade shows are back and we’re able to handle super clone watches online in person and report back to you, the readers, on our observations. I think it’s likely that we would have overlooked this release as nothing more than a change in metal. But to my mind, this new case material results in an AAA super clone Rolex Yacht-Master the way it always should have been: Flashy, but no less sporty. The yellow gold execution just feels right.

Of course, that wasn’t the only news to come off the yacht. We weren’t able to see it, but cheap replica Rolex UK unveiled a new white gold variant with something called a Falcon’s Eye dial which looks about as cool as anything I’ve seen out of the “house that Wilsdorf built” in years. I’ll reserve full judgment until I see it in person, though.

But there was even more yacht-watch action that had the room waiting to touch and feel (I’ll never stop saying that). I’m talking about the 40mm white gold Rolex Yacht-Master super clone Paypal with diamond-set lugs, and a rotating bezel fully set with an array of colorful sapphires.

I don’t want this point to be lost on anyone. The bezel has no text, numerals, or any useful markings. It’s just adorned with sapphires and yet – Swiss movement fake Rolex still made it rotate. You just have to love that. It almost bears repeating the “no sapphire left unturned” joke I made in the introductory article. Well, I guess I just repeated it anyway.

It really is interesting that the high quality replica watches you think we’d scoff at in press photos are the ones we were most excited to try on in person. The sapphire YM made its way around the table multiple times, as each of us wanted a second and third time with it on the wrist. From a size perspective, I have always loved the 40mm super clone Rolex Yacht-Master UK, and the colorful blingy-ness of this one really makes it a larger-than-life timepiece.

But it was the YG YM that really caught my eye. Prior to W&W, we wrote an article about wholesale Rolex super clone watches we hoped to see this year. I chose one I knew we would never see, which was a Submariner with a Yacht-Master bezel. I just love the matte-ceramic look and feel of this bezel with the tone-on-tone raised numerals. For a model range that comes predominantly in precious metals, it is interesting to see such a utilitarian, toolish look paired with gold. This is in contrast to the steel Submariner, which utilizes a shiny Cerachrom bezel.

On the wrist, the 42mm top fake Rolex Yacht-Master wears exactly like you would expect a 42mm watch to wear. It isn’t deceptively small, or overly large – but it is big. I have a six-and-a-third-inch wrist and I am not sure I could wear this one daily. Much of that has to do with the Oysterflex bracelet – and yes it is technically a bracelet and not a strap. You see, as comfortable as it is (and it’s mighty comfortable), it bows out slightly and doesn’t hug the wrist as tightly as a traditional bracelet does. Unfortunately, this makes a 42mm super clone watch for men wear exactly as advertised, which in my case makes the watch a tad too big (though fingers crossed for a future 37mm version).

My high-level observations of this watch are that it’s a logical addition to the best quality super clone Rolex Yacht-Master fray. I suspect we’ll see more of these in the wild than we did the white gold model because WG is a metal that flies under the radar. If you’re buying gold, you want someone to know. It has the heft you want from a solid gold watch, but it’s balanced by the cushioned comfort of the Oysterflex. In a world where steel Rolex sport fake watches online are trending around the price of this model on the secondary market, is it so crazy to spring for YG and get your name on the warranty card?