For the popular Chinese actor Wang Kai, he has his own decoration choices, and classically, super clone Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01 Red Radar watches with black cases belong to his favorites, which appear frequently in his daily dress.

High-tech 46MM UK Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01 Red Radar Fake Watches Helpful For Wang KaiAlthough the Bell & Ross copy watches with automatic movement show black cases, they are made of steel that are treated with matte black PVD finish, which can show the visual effect of instrument panel of cockpit, and efficiently maintain the corrosion resistance.

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High-tech 46MM UK Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01 Red Radar Copy Watches Helpful For Wang KaiOwing to the 46mm of the replica watches with black straps, the dials have enough space for the “radar” to clearly “scan”. In particular, the watches choose red mineral glass to easily interpret the red of radar even though its hardness is weaker than the sapphire crystal. In addition, the time display is different from the common watches, while the watches adopt three black concentric discs to indicate the hour, minute and second respectively through the external disc, intermediary disc and the central disc.

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