To cater to the modern time, super clone watches have kept improving in the unique modelings and unusual materials. Rado brand is well-known for the creative ceramic material, resulting in the Swiss best-quality replica Rado watches.

How is the particular material finished?

Zirconia Powder is applied in high-tech fields.

High-purity Zirconia Powder

  • Firstly, the brand chooses the high-purity Zirconia powder as the original material to ensure the innovative Rado fake watches forever. By adding the corresponding pigment to determine the color, the Zirconia powder is mixed with Polymer adhesives to form the raw moulding material.
Smelter can mold the ceramic.

Special Smelter For High-tech Plasma Ceramic

  • Secondly, the raw moulding material is injected into the mould, and it is taken into the smelter to sinter into the high-tech ceramic parts in the designed shapes and sizes for the best super clone watches for online sale.
The ceramic links are sturdy to form the bracelets.

High-tech Ceramic Links

  • Finally, the parts can be polished into the perfect effect, and they can be used to build the fantastic imitation Rado watches.