Following the Deepsea Sea-Dweller, UK perfect replica Rolex invited the press and partners to a special event in 2014. I remember that there was a lot of speculation and excitement at the time. Rolex had been building anticipation for what it was going to release next. After the unveiling, however, many left disappointed that it was just the same six-year-old Deepsea with new a blue-to-black gradient dial, mimicking the loss of light in the abyss. The press also complained it was a waste of time and money for a mere dial change. Swiss made super clone Rolex perhaps picked up on this, and we now only get the annual showing at Watches and Wonders (formerly, at Baselworld). Nowadays, we would crave some fanfare, however subtle, for a new Rolex fake for sale at other points of the year. So nice going, watch journalists of 2014! This is why we can’t have nice things. The new “D-Blue” was more than a new paint job.

Two years prior, Canadian filmmaker and explorer extraordinaire James Cameron piloted the Australian-built luxury fake Rolex Deepsea Challenger submersible for the second manned mission to the Challenger Deep. Cameron was the first person to achieve a solo dive to the deepest part of the ocean. He was shy of the Trieste’s 10,916m depth in 1960 by eight meters. However, the submersible spent three hours capturing the ocean bed with 3D cameras, over two and a half hours more than the Trieste. This meant the UK 1:1 super clone Rolex Deepsea Challenge affixed to the sub’s robotic manipulator arm had to withstand and continue functioning for far longer than its forebear in 1960. Luckily, the 51mm × 28.5mm non-production timepiece is certified to 12,000 meters — deeper than any ocean on this planet. But there is a series of three specialist copy Rolex Deepsea Challenge watches just in case.

Three upgrades in eight years
The 2014 AAA super clone Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is a slightly thinner production version than Cameron’s watch. The Ring Lock System and innovative helium escape valve persist from the 2008 Deepsea, but the blue dial fading to black signifies the mission the crew undertook. Also, the “DEEPSEA” logo appears below the center pinion instead of above and is in “Kawasaki” green to match the submersible’s paint scheme. The 2018 reference 126660 I am repping in this showdown somewhat alters the dimensions of the 2014 Rolex reference 116660 replica online. It’s still 44mm × 17.7mm and 51mm lug-to-lug. But the bracelet widened from 20mm to 22mm between the lugs and tapers to 18mm towards the clasp. The more proportionate bracelet means the watch isn’t as top-heavy, although it’s still a handful to wield. Overall, it’s surprising that it’s only 2.5mm thicker than the regular cheap fake Rolex Sea-Dweller considering it achieves over double the Sea-Dweller’s 1,220m rating.

Most of that case height is thanks to the impressive 5.5mm-thick crystal. This year, Swiss made super clone Rolex reference 126660 made way for reference 136660. The new 2022 model makes fine-tune adjustments that, on the surface, are hardly noticeable. The Deepsea is still a 44mm 904L Oystersteel cheap copy Rolex watch. It is still powered by the manufacture caliber 3235 with a 70-hour power reserve and superlative accuracy standards of ±2 seconds per day. Now, however, that same movement incorporates a more significant date disc for a broader window on the dial. The larger aperture makes up for the lack of cyclops magnification on the crystal due to the thickness and performance at the certified depths. Other than some subtle sculpting around the lugs and updated engravings on the titanium case back, the references are quite similar. However, the flip-out diver’s wetsuit extension is no longer on the latest Deepsea. This Swiss movement fake Rolex UK carries a price of €13,500.