This week, we continue the topic of combining movies and luxury super clone watches. It’s been roughly a month since the fifth and last Indiana Jones movie, ‘The Dial Of Destiny,’ came out. While reactions to the movie have been lukewarm, the movie does mean the end of an era. An era we discussed more than once at the Fratello offices. Part of those talks were also Indy’s cheap UK replica watches. Is there space in Dr. Jones’ watch box for more than the official Hamilton Boulton you see in the last movie? We think there is…

This week’s topic is a fun one. Many of us on the Fratello team grew up with the first three Indiana Jones movies. I was four years old when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out, so I didn’t see that until a couple of years later. The same goes for The Temple of Doom from 1984. I saw both of them on VHS tapes that my parents rented. While I do not necessarily remember how old I was back then, I do very much remember seeing The Last Crusade in the movie theatre when it came out in 1989. At 12 years old, I thought it was the most incredible movie I had ever seen. The realization that it was released in 1989 and still is an excellent movie almost 25 years later is quite extraordinary.

Super Clone Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Edition Watches

In all honesty, we could have picked a lot of different Omega models. But first of all, Indiana Jones would wear a classic vintage Seamaster. No question. But as we are searching for modern Swiss made fake watches, we’ll leave that for now. Our first thought would be the Railmaster from the 1957 Trilogy. A great watch whose functional character would perfectly fit Indiana Jones. Its functional purpose of withstanding great magnetic forces fits Jones’ story well. But the original high quality super clone watches came out in the year The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull plays. Would that be too late? We think it might be if you consider the timelines of the movies. Nevertheless, the Railmaster from the Trilogy is still a terrific option for Jones to wear.

It’s why we picked the first Swiss movements super clone Omega Seamaster watches from 1948 as the next pick. As said, an original vintage piece is what Jones would wear in the movies, but the Omega Seamaster 1948 Limited Edition from 2018 would be the right modern pick. The commemorative model has a 38.4mm wide and 12.3mm thick stainless steel case with a 46mm lug-to-lug and is water resistant up to 60 meters. If you turn the copy watches online around, you will find Omega’s METAS-certified 8804 caliber behind the etched images of the Chris Craft boat and a Gloster Meteor aircraft. It operates at 25,200vph and has 60 hours of power reserve. The price of the small seconds model—our favorite—was €6,335, for what could be a stylish but capable Indiana Jones watch.

Replica Rolex Explorer 36mm ref. 124270 Watches

The next pick is an obvious one. Perfect super clone Rolex Explorer watches on the wrist of Indiana Jones would be a great combination. Once again, it’s easier to imagine Jones wearing a first-generation vintage Explorer ref. 6350, as it fits the overall timeframe and style perfectly. But once again, we are looking for modern picks for Indiana Jones. Rolex’s latest generation of the 36mm Explorer ref. 124270 fake watches for sale is still very much visually connected to that first-generation model. But the modern version is far better equipped to take all the torturous beatings Jones’s enemies throw at him. The 36mm case is 11.5mm thick with a lug-to-lug of 43mm and water resistant up to 100 meters.

Inside the case, Rolex equips the latest of its 36mm Rolex Explorer super clone watches for men with its in-house caliber 3230. An automatic movement that is the perfect reliable partner for Indy to power his daily beater — if ever a term was better suited. The modern movement operates at 28,800vph, has a power reserve of 70 hours, and has a +2/-2 accuracy. We all know the story of the Explorer and why this is a perfect pick for Indiana Jones during all his adventures. Once again, a vintage pick like the first ref. 6350 or the pictured ref. 6150 would be a better style pick, but by no means the better suited for all of Jones’ adventures.