When Morgan accidentally started the #watchcollection trend on Instagram, I wasn’t planning on sharing mine. Until the concept crossed over to Fratello, that is. You can gauge my social media trendiness by my tardiness to this game, but here I am nonetheless! These are the perfect super clone watches in my collection that currently form its backbone.

Collection favorite #1: Rolex Datejust ref. 1601 Super Clone Watches

Okay, on to my watch collection. My first entry also carries a lot of sentimental value because it represents a huge professional milestone. While working at Amsterdam Watch Company, I decided I would write a book on vintage UK AAA replica Rolex Datejust watches. So I did. I wrote it, published it, and sold the first print of 1,000 books. If you’re in the market, I am sorry to say those are now sold out, and I decided not to go through the hassle of printing, storing, and shipping again. If you know a specialized publisher who would be interested in relaunching it, I am open to proposals! My Rolex Datejust 1601 from circa 1967 is the cover model for the book.

To fully grasp the significance for me, you should know that I dreamt of entrepreneurship since my teenage years. Between then and my late 20s, I tried to build several businesses, and they all failed miserably. Disillusioned, I decided to leave my first career and pursue a simpler life in the realm of my hobby — luxury super clone watches. I took a big pay cut and settled in as a vintage dealer first and a writer later. I checked my greater ambitions at the door and just focused on doing something I enjoyed in the moment.

The book was a passion project without serious business motivations. And then the magical thing happened: it was a success in its modest, little way. For the first time, an initiative I had set up surpassed my expectations. It reignited my hunger to build something, and that inspired my later project — VPC. The book taught me that if a passion for the subject and intrinsic motivation are your starting point, success, however you define it, can follow naturally. In short, the book was a turning point in my professional life, and the 1601 symbolizes it.

Collection favorite #2: Replica Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570 Watches

Let me stick with Rolex for a moment. The second watch on my list doesn’t carry significant sentimental value. It doesn’t symbolize an important life event, and I did not buy it in celebration of anything. It is, however, the cheap fake watches that has spent the most time on my wrist out of the five, and that secures it a spot in my watch collection.

The Explorer II and I got off to a bumpy start. I love five-digit Rolex models, and one of my favorites is the 14060 Submariner. By the time I was in a position to buy, those had passed the €10K mark, which I couldn’t and didn’t want to pay. My other favorite, the 16570, seemed to be headed the same way, so I rushed to get one. That turned out to be at the absolute peak of the market that would come down in the following months.

At first, I found that I wasn’t comfortable wearing such an expensive watch. I was too aware of it all the time and found myself reaching for other Swiss movements super clone watches. I even considered selling it. But since the market had come down so much, I decided I might as well wear the hell out of it. I wasn’t ever going to sell it unless I absolutely had to anyway. And, lo and behold, I fell in love. It became my favorite watch that got the vast majority of my wrist time. It’s funny what irrational creatures we are.

Collection favorite #3: Super Clone Omega Speedmaster ref. 145.022-69 Watches

The third of my favorites is my top super clone Omega Speedmaster 145.022-69 watches. This was the first higher-end watch I purchased. It came through the system at Amsterdam Watch Company, and I immediately jumped on it.

To me, this is a bit of a sweet-spot Speedy. It has some of the things I love about pre-Moon Speedmasters but at a more palatable price level. For instance, it offers a stepped dial and a complete lack of NASA or Moon references on the case back. Mine also has the misprint bezel, with “220” where it should say “200” on the tachymeter. This tiny detail makes it even more of a conversation piece. Pro tip: it is a conversation piece among China 1:1 copy watches nerds, not among hot girls in bars.

I do have to admit it gets too little wrist time. I am not much of a chronograph guy, and I tend to lean towards simpler, minimalist super clone watches for sale. It is, however, a watch that I find myself rediscovering every so often. I will leave it for a few months and then be obsessed with it for a while. In short, it isn’t going anywhere.