In honor of World Ocean Day (that’s today), top quality super clone Rolex has just published a brand new documentary about ocean conservation via their partnership with National Geographic and “Her Deepness” Dr. Sylvia Earle. Similar in scope to Earle’s Mission Blue, this new film is called Heros of the Ocean and it profiles a wide swath of amazing projects and efforts looking to protect and understand our world’s oceans.

Those of you who frequent Swiss movements replica Rolex‘s YouTube channel will know that while the production value of their films is often excellent, a 52-minute documentary is exceedingly uncommon (and very welcome). So get cozy in front of your best screen – maybe with a bowl of popcorn – and travel from mangrove lagoon coral nurseries to the receding ice pack of Antarctica while experiencing scientists and researchers as they tag whale sharks, operate deep-water ROVs, track manta rays, live in submerged research stations, and so much more.

Rolex replica uk and its Testimonees (that’s what the brand calls its ambassadors) are operating at the cutting edge of science and adventure, with the hopes of protecting our oceans, and, in turn, the entire planet – and all you have to do is press play. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment in support, as I’d love to see more feature-length documentary films from 1:1 clone Rolex, the Perpetual Planet initiative, and their partners.