For the super clone watches, someone focused on the brand, someone more cared about the material, someone valued the complicated technology… In fact, in personally, the 1:1 super clone watches not only bring us these, for the all with their own “stories”.

King Arthur is a legendary king of England, and the leader of the Knight of the Round Table, a mythical legend. The biggest contribution in his life is that leading the Knights of the Round Table defeat the Roman army and then, unified the British Isles. Until today, the topic of this legendary King still uninterrupted, of course, also with the invincible “Knight of the Round Table”.

To inject the “chivalry”, that is the exquisite fake Roger Dubuis watches, although it only with more than 20 years, all the replica Roger Dubuis watches are the masterpieces with pursuit of pioneering, breakthrough and grace. In 2013, the fake Roger Dubuis watches surround “Knights of the Round Table” build the replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table watches, and in 2015, that revealed the fake Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II watches.

The origin of the Knights of the Round Table, for King Arthur’s father had a big round table, after he passed, it was given to the King Arthur. On this table, King Arthur and his knights had dinner together, regardless of the origin or the beliefs, everyone can speak freely, so the round table also was seen as a symbol of justice, equality and trust, until today, the “round table” also was used under the effect.

Through the steel case fake Roger Dubuis Knights Of The Round Table II watches, we can see that the scale on the dial that all instead of a dozen knights, on the one hand to salute “Knights Of The Round Table”, on the other hand, I think that is to promote the chivalry. As the change of time, chivalry has changed, but it has affected the generation after generation, throw the composition of war, it is similar to the gentleman.