The latest perfect super clone Rolex Air-King, in all honesty, does receive flack for the inclusion of the numerals in increasing five-minute intervals. The excess of the number “5” on the dial is well-documented. Basing the design on the dashboard instruments from the long-in-the-tooth Bloodhound LSR (formally Bloodhound SSC) project does provide a reason for this layout.

Fake Rolex Air-King Ref.116900 With Arabic Numerals

So, I’m not here to shame the concept — more so the execution. At 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock are the numerals to indicate 55 minutes and 5 minutes. My view is that the asymmetry between double digits and the single-digit is off-kilter. A suggestion would be to include the 0 before the 5 to equalize the uniformity of the dial.