Super Clone Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321

You could fill a book with all the different versions of the iconic Omega Speedmaster super clone has released – indeed, people have – but this was the one fans have been waiting for. A stainless steel bracelet fake Omega Speedmaster packing the 321 movement – the same movement in the original ‘Moonwatch’ that accompanied six Apollo missions. Reconstructed from a 3D scan of astronaut Gene Cernan’s own Omega, this is a close as you’re going to come to the real thing. Sure, it’s three times the cost of a regular Speedmaster, but it’s at least three times as cool.
Rolex Submariner (2020)

You don’t go to Rolex replica for new new watches – its most recent original launch was the Yachtmaster, back in 1992. Instead, you get incremental upgrades to a portfolio of classics. A new case here, a different size there. Even so, its headline release for 2020 felt particularly audacious – a new version of its benchmark product, the black ceramic bezel fake Rolex Submariner with – wait for it – 1mm extra added to the case. And yet… (A) that fact obscured a number of even more subtle tweaks, the first upgrades in 12 years: a wider bracelet, thinner lugs and copy Rolex’s most up-to-date calibre and (B) it’s the nicest Submariner yet. Now, good luck trying to get hold of one.