In 2017 BaselWorld, Patek Philippe super clone launches many new models for men and women. The materials and designs the brand uses are brilliant and innovative. Patek philippe Calatrava fake watches with Swiss automatic movements have 39mm white gold cases with smooth and domed bezels. The main color of their watch body is black. So the whole image gives people a decent and noble feeling.

Their dials display many functions. The hour markers are clear Arabic numerals. The small seconds sub-dial is set at 4 o’clock. There is another circle of Arabic numerals at the outermost ring. And there is a long hand with a red tip in the center showing the date. The noble Patek Philippe replica watches show the date in a unique way. What’s more, their Cal. 240 PS C, self-winding mechanical movements with 27 jewels are made in Switzerland and carried with 22k gold off-center mini rotors.

The Swiss movements can provide 38 to 48-hour power to the whole functions. The movements also have their own patented numbers. Patek Philippe copy watches with black leather straps are daily waterproof. Their functions are also practical enough for routine use. Many gentlemen or noble people would like to wear them on many occasions.