At the first sight, you may find super clone Rolex Submariner and GMT-Master series have some similarities while also there are few differences. Actually the two copy watches with self-winding movements always make people irresolute. Today we will make comparison between 116610LN and 116710LN to help you make choice.

For the similarity, you may find a lot if you are more carefully. Firstly, the two Rolex fake watches with steel bracelets adapt the same color collation and materials. They are all in 40mm diameters. The black dials, black ceramic bezels, date display and time scales are greatly presenting the classical elements of Rolex.

Then for the differences, just from the appearance we can find some. The exquisite Rolex Submariner replica watches are fixed with 60 minutes chronograph bezels while GMT-Master series uses 24 hour bezels. And the design of hands is quite different. Another big difference should be the design of clasp. The 116610LN is equipped with Rolex Glidelock clasp while the 116710LN adapts adjustable link extension system. However, the two super clone watches all provide comfort wearing.