Wallace Huo is a man who fond of collecting and appreciating the charming watches of black dial Panerai Luminor super clone watches. The Taiwanese actor is also one of the most popular faces of Chinese film and television. Now hand in hand with Panerai , perfectly reflect the special brand quality, pure taste and sincere enthusiasm.

Panerai global chief executive Angelo Bonati was coming from Italy to Beijing, today announced the new cooperation, and the scene of the distinguished guests first preview Huo’s journey of Florence, together to explore the city with the brand history a great source of famous landmarks. Traced back, family first opened in 1860 Florence tabulation workshop, it is still a brand representative historic sites, attract admiring fans which are overseas.
Angelo Bonati said: “Wallace huo is a good actor for his individual style, temperament elegant, unique tonal and Panerai wrist supplement each other. His acting achievements proved his excellent talents, to cause the same enthusiasm into each do one thing. It is a lucky thing to know him, appreciate the sincere and enthusiasm. We feel honored, invited him to shoulder the heavy task of greater China brand ambassador. He is also the perfect one when he worn the rubber straps Panerai copy watches.”

Huo will lead more popular with Panerai into the colorful, pure rich wrist watch the world, show brand throughout the long history of special nature and source of Italian, at the same time diligently unremittingly to create the future. The luxury replica watches are also the best achievement to ushering in a new world.